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2021 Workshops with Alison Cole

Now famous for 2 books which include her first book, 'All that Glitters',

and her latest publication 'The Midas Touch', Alison Cole's goldwork continues to be extremely popular.

We are delighted to have her teaching once again at Bustle & Bows.

Her designs are all original and not only are they beautiful but truly inspirational as well. Many of her creations combine goldwork with stumpwork in a most innovative way. Her cheerful disposition makes her a delight in the classroom and she will leave you with a wealth of information.

Students may choose any of her designs to work in class.   

Alison has become increasingly popular so do make sure you book early!      

Fuschia Fantasy

Crewel Intentions

Casual Goldwork

Full Day Sessions

Fee: $80.00 per session plus materials  


31 January, 21 February, 18 April, 2 May, 
15 August, 10 October, 7 November, 12 December.

Hours:  10am - 3.30pm

Rouge D'Or

Rambling Clematis

Gloriosa Lily



Iluminated Floral

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